Thursday, November 21, 2019

Finish the following question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Finish the following question - Assignment Example It, therefore, advocates for abortion, abstinence and celibacy. In addition, it advocates for the legalization of the use of contraceptives. The intention of the pro-choice movement is to ensure that all â€Å"rights† are legal (Johnson & Lambert, 2010). 2. Marxist Approach to Sexuality: Marxist disregards the importance of heterosexuality to capitalism. In this sense, he alleviates the oppression of women by using capitalism system and private property. According to Marxist feminists, the liberation of women could be achieved through the reconstruction of the capitalist system of economy. The reason for this is that in this system, there is no compensation for women labor (Ferguson, 2013). However, diverse opinions exist regarding the level to which the constructs of the theory advocate for women’s economic rights. 3. Feminist Politics of Location: The debate is meant to campaign against the oppression of female body in terms of cultural and national boundaries. The women movements fight against the restriction of the freedom of women. This is done in terms of sexuality, politics and certain geographical and cultural locations. It campaigns therefore that women’s rights and powers should extend globally. Additionally, it should extend across all cultural aspects. 4. Feminist Body Politics: The term refers to debates that address the misrepresentation and abuse of the female gender. It involves the fight against the perception of the human body as an object. It also advocates against violence to women as well as their reproductive rights. This kind of politics emphasized on the woman’s power over her body. The term was most famous in 1970s in the United States during the â€Å"second wave† of the feminist movement (Ferguson, 2013). 5. Riot Grrrl: It is a hardcore punk movement started in Washington DC and a bigger part of northwest Pacific. It began in the early 1990s. It is an underground

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